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Exception thrown if AuthorUrls not defined for plug-in


  1. Create plug-in.
  2. Add AuthorUrl attribute but not AuthorUrls
  3. Navigate to Admin/Plugins
    Author is hyperlinked with AuthorUrl
    Null reference exception is thrown in HtmlHelperExtensions:
    return htmlHelper.LinkOrDefault(authors[0].CleanText(), authorUrls.Length == 1 ? authorUrls[0].CleanHref() : "");
    Is AuthorUrl needed? Won't AuthorUrls just work?


ErikPorter wrote Jun 3, 2009 at 11:14 PM

Sorry about that. I removed the extension methods and property definition for AuthorUrl last night, but forgot to remove AuthorUrlAttribute. You're right that only AuthorUrls is needed. Get latest and you should be fine (by only using AuthorUrlsAttribute).

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