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Where default controller and action being set, Where controller type being register with unity.

Jan 14, 2010 at 6:58 AM

Hi man
  Oxite is very cool. I am really like it. thks very much.
  Something made me confused when I read code, so I need your help.
  1. question
     Where default controller and action being set? I cannot find it.

     Debug it
        url is: http://localhost:30913/ (This is home page)
        default controller is: PostController
        default action is: public OxiteViewModelItems<Post> List(PagingInfo pagingInfo)
  2. question
      Lot of controller construct with IService, but I cannot find where controller is being register with unity.

      In OxiteControllerFaction, I can see Resolve with controllerType, but where Register?

      protected override IController GetControllerInstance(Type controllerType)
          IController iController = container.Resolve(controllerType) as IController;

      thks very much.

Jan 15, 2010 at 5:57 PM

You got most of it figured out already.  Unity will instantiate anything that isn't registered explicitly and inject anything needed for the biggest constructor.  The registrations we do in Oxite with Unity are for saying "when someone asks for this interface, instantiate this class".  HTH